Monday, 27 April 2009

Seven Stories of Mystery and Horror

Which was your favourite story? Why did you like it the best?

My favourite story was THE OBLONG BOX, because I felt this story was sad. I don't like much horror. I'm weak the terrible story but this story wasn't terrible story.

The storyteller met Cornelius of an old friend during a trip on a ship. Cornelius carried the oblong box to the ship. One day the ship sets by a storm. The storyteller took refuge in a life-boat. Cornelius was going to board a life-boat with the oblong box. At that time, "Is your box more important than your life?" The storyteller shouted to Cornelius."Yes! Yes! Yes!" Cornelius shouted. The box and Cornelius fell into the sea.

The box and Cornelius did not come up again. After that, I read a story and knew the contents of the box and became sad.This story is slightly sad and is good.