Thursday, 9 April 2009

Holland's Education from Birth to 4 or 5 years old

Children in Holland enter elementary school at the age of 5. But they can at 4, too.
So parents who have their baby from birth to 3 years old leave them to nursery school or the day nursery. Most parents work for part time job and they are taking the system of working sharer at home or working places. Only 10 or 20 percent of parents of them use nursery school.

Young married men and women take care of their children if they have their children. They have time and money to do it suitable or so. and make a good family for their children.

When their children are little parents give them a lot of reading and listening by using good picture books, or they take care of a lot of praise in the way of protestantism.

Nursery schools have 2 parts - morning and afternoon. So some parents who want to leave child all day long, they send their children to another nursery school in the afternoon.

If their parents can't send or meet them there, they ask to do it to their grandparents or their neighbors. It costs only a maximum of E48 and a minimum of E12. Parents pay little money for it, so a country give a subsidy for the school.

By the way, a lot of Japanese are sometimes called workaholic, and they are very busy from morning till night. A father only sees his sleeping baby at night. It's realities in some aspect of Japan.

In conclusion I hope to solve this problem by taking the system of Holland's working style and enjoy more work-life balance.


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Tana Benzon said...

Thanks Mine,

Your essay is very insightful.
I hope that by giving women greater opportunities to work part-time that men will be able to spend less time at work and have the opportunity to get to know their children better.

We can all learn from this.