Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Space Invaders

[After Reading Question]
What do you think about robot? Here are some questions.

[1] What kind of job do robots do today?
A lot of robots are working in the factory.Especially, same procedure, 24 hours continuas work, very detail work,dangerous place and bad environment, etc.
[2] What do you think robots will do in the future?
I think that more than more robots will work in behalf of human.For example, they will drive the plane, the train and especially the car.In the future, there will not be drive drunk.
[3] Do you think it is good or bad to have robots?
I think it is good.If we had a good robot, our life will be more comfortable.
[4] Are robots dangerous?
I think robots are dangerous sometimes.When robots will be uncontrol, they may harm to human.I think that all causes are human miss. Mistake of design about hardware and software.
[5] Do you think there will ever be a robot like Omega?
I don't know that there is a robot like Omega.When I was child, I liked cartoon "DORAEMON".I thought that it is nice if DORAEMON was in my home.

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jim said...


Congratulations - you are the first person to blog on the new readers this season. Did you like the new style of book?

What do you think about nano technology and the possibility of having tiny robots doing maintenance in our bodies some day?