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There are so many characters in the book, Emma. I recommend making the characters list during your reading. The relationship with Emma and their full name are very important to understand the story and to answer the activities.

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Question 40:
Choose one of the couples in the story and write about their lives over the next ten years after the story ends.

Answer 40:
Ten years later, from Emma and Knightley’s wedding, they are living at Hartfield with their daughter and son. Their daughter is eight and son is six. They are commuting an elementary school at Hartfield. Three years ago, Emma’s father, Mr Woodhouse died by natural life when he was eighty-five.
Knightley is busy for his new job. He spends most of the time in London. But he always back to Hartfield to spend with his family on weekend. He is really good farther and husband.
Emma? She is still interesting to the match-making for her kids not for her friends. She is teaching her kids about social class, although her husband, Knightley doesn’t like it.
They are planning a ball at the Crown Inn after an interval of ten years not for match-making but for dance party. Their old friends will come to the ball, Mrs and Miss Bates, John and Isabella, Elton and Augasta, Harriet and Robert, Frank and Jane,
Emma is always happy at Hartfield surrounded people who loved her.


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