Monday, 27 April 2009

The Phantom Airman

This story was mysterious and interesting for me.Jack and Regan and Tom and Frankie were studying in same school.And they were all members of their school's archeology club.When the Second World War investigated, they meet the ghost of fighter Pilot.The ghost name is Glen Loosthawk. He was a person who had existed in past.The ghost gave them some key words. In the present. They met old people. and they get some information.In the past. They sometimes met Glen. and they get important information.They solves what happened in the airfield in the past.

I don't believe the ghost. Because I have not seen the ghost.If I'll see the ghost. Perhaps I go away first there.I think the four boys and girls are very brave. After reading this book, I thought that courage was necessary for knowing the truth. But I hate the ghost.

I had a lot of words that weren't able to be understanding in this book. I think that I should study hard.


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jim said...


This kind of story really interests me - WWII history, planes, mystery...I think your post needs editing a bit - use yopur conjunctions to join ideas/sentences, not start them - also some wayward punctuation.

Let me know if you want help editing?