Monday, 27 April 2009


The Otis family all write letters to people who live in America. They each write about the Canterville Ghost. Write a letter. For example, write a letter from Mrs Otis to her sister.

Hi my sister.
I'm Otis. Long time no see.

I want to inform you the ghost of my house. A ghost lives in my house. He had murdered his wife three hundred years ago.

He tried to frighten my family, but we weren't afraid of him. He is not terrible for us. We are interested in him. He was angry for us because we laughed him. We enjoy living with him.

Have you ever seen a ghost? If you didn't have seen a ghost, let's come my home and I introduce him to you.

1 comment:

jim said...


Nice letter, but a bit short!

If you got a a letter like this from your brother or sister, how would you reply?!

Curious to know!