Sunday, 26 April 2009

Unquiet Graves

I resd "Unquiet Graves". This story isn't horrer story. I felt mystery story. (= horrer?)

After reading:
You are going for a walk in a frightening place. Write a discription of your walk.

I didn't go to a frightening place. Because I don't like a frightening place.
But my family have the graveyard. That is a old place. (I don't know how long.)

My family graveyard is on the back side of the shrine. There isn't house around the graveyard and shring. It very quiet place.
There is only narrow road from shrine to graveyard.
My family graveyard have abaut 15 grave. My grandfather and grandmather grave is there.
I go to there once of a year.
I think graveyard isn't a frightening place, it's importance (precious?) place.