Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Impressions of Australia

Recently, one of our students was able to take some time off to visit Australia for a week. This is what he had to say about it.

○ The People
 Everybody who I met in Australia was very kind to me.
Especially the bus driver who I met in Maroochydore who showed me where I should get off the bus. Thanks to him I managed to get to YHA.
However, the trouble was that everybody spoke too fast for me. If I spoke with broken English to a local person, they respond so fast!

○ The Places
I went to “The Australian Zoo” which was run by Steve Irwin, the most famous Australian, who died in 2006. The biggest event of the zoo is the crocodile show. It is held in the central part of the zoo. It presented various animals, elephants, snakes, thousands of birds, before the croc appeared. It looked like paradise. When a crocodile appeared, the show was at its climax. The croc swallowed a big piece of meat with his massive mouth!
Before I left the zoo, I found a booth. The display said “Take a photo with animals!” So I asked a member of staff to take a photo of me with the Koalas. But he said “The Koala’s time is finished. You can take a photo with the snake.”
I took a photo with a big snake. It was very heavy(蛇).

○ The Food
I could eat beef everywhere. It was delicious and hearty, but at last I got fed up with it. Then I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant. The next day, I went to a Korean restaurant. I found I am Asian.
I also found a Sushi restaurant in Brisbane. However, I found Avocado in the Sushi!

○ Other Things
I found that there were lots of Japanese cars, for example Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, etc. And I also found many Japanese companies in Brisbane, for example Canon, NEC, SONY, YAMAHA. I wonder if that’s why Australian people are so kind to Japanese people.

◆ I was impressed
It was very hot in March. Since I went from winter Matsumoto, I really noticed the change in the climate. And I also saw a beautiful sunset while I was in The Sunshine Coast. I have never seen that beautiful one.


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Tana Benzon said...

Thanks Yuuki for your impressions.

It's always good to see what's going on in other parts of the world.

And interesting to see how much Japanese culture has spead around the world too!