Saturday, 9 October 2010

Changing their Skies

4)In the story Leaving what do you think will happen to Aloo in America? Here are three letters- one from Aloo to his mother, and two different replies from his mother. Use these words to complete all the letters.
Dear Mother,
After five years, I have at last finished my studies. My exams went well and I came top in my class! I know I promised to come home when I finished, but a big hospital here offered me a job. I will learn a lot working in an American hospital, so I must stay here for a few more years. And there's another thing. I know you won't like this, but I have met a girl. She's lovely! She has red hair and green eyes, and she comes from Ireland. Her name is Jacky. We want to get married next year. Please try to understand, Mother. I have to live my own life. Love to all my brothers and sisters, and to you. Aloo
Reply 1
Dear Aloo, you have broken my heart. You promised me that you would come home, and that you would not marry a white woman. I will never speak to you again. Mother
Reply 2
Dear Aloo, top in your class, and a job in a hospital - that's wonderful! And I'm so pleased you've met a nice girl. Jacky sounds very beautiful. Why don't you bring her here for a little holiday? We'd love to meet her. All my love, Mother
Dear Jim-san
Good morning! I'm sorry too late for posting blog.
3 days weekend started from today , but today is rainy. (probably tomorrow too)
I will enjoy to play with my sons on Monday.
Have a good weekend.