Friday, 8 October 2010

Sniffles, snuffles & snores!

This is the week everyone seems to have come down with the lurgy - running noses, sore throats, coughs, headaches and fevers...teachers are not immune, and usually end up getting triple doses + as they are exposed to all their students' bugs! My take on this is catching a cold early in the winter probably helps our immune system beef itself up for the long cold nights ahead.

We do ask genuinely poorly students to excuse themselves from school; it's a bit difficult to cope in a small school if the teacher is off for a week though.

So, in pre-school today we had chance to review "cover your mouth, please" and "blow your nose, please"; "don't wipe it on your sleeve" and "use a tissue"! Eleanor couldn't come at all, as she has lost her voice. Walking around the neighbourhood looking for people working was therefor a bit quieter than usual! We only really found these men working in the petrol station, but they were not very busy. I think everyone was on a tea-break!

 We passed a conga-line of children from a local kindergarten crossing the bridge, but they were not looking for trolls under the bridge - we think we saw one but he was drinking a can of coffee and smoking a cigarette. Unhealthy troll!

Five minutes after Sota was bouncing off the furniture, he fell asleep sitting on Jim as he was reading a story. Now, that is either a dull book or a comfy lap!