Thursday, 21 October 2010

Unexpected visit

Rie stopped studying with us to start a new life with a new hubby in a new town some time ago, so today's surprise visit was a real joy! She is looking so well and I am happy to say enjoying married life immensely. No shocks there, it seems when the time is right these things just happen of their own accord. All well and good.

Last week we were also surprised by another student who is taking a break to have a baby. She is seven months now and starting to waddle a bit, as all pregnant woman do, looking radiant.

So we're feeling the love. So happy that students miss us when they're away and they can be sure we miss them too!

Here's to happy reunions!

1 comment:

jim said...

Sorry I missed you Rie!

Thanks very much for stopping by Luna anyway :)