Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My shopping experience in India

One of our students went to India a short time ago(see postcard below) and here she recounts her experiences. Thank you Sari!!

My shopping experience in India

I took a trip to India three weeks ago. Since it was a packaged tour, the tour guide took the members of the tour many places, which included several souvenir shops.

At one shop, I found a beautiful Indian cotton fabric. It was 15 dollars at first, but I negotiated with the shop assistant for a discount. After a 10 minute-talk, they finally offered me 10 dollars and I accepted.

Some of the other group members were also interested in it. However, they thought it was a rip-off and that they’d have another chance to buy something like it later on.

A few days later, we dropped by another souvenir shop. They were selling an Indian fabric which was similar to the one I bought before. They asked the shop assistant how much it was and he answered ‘It’s 80 dollars’! We all were amazed. It was the real rip-off. They ended up going home empty-handed!

Posted for Sari (Wednesday)