Friday, 22 October 2010

Snapdragons & very basic origami

 We are getting to the stage in the year when we are having to keep the windows closed, and limit excursions outside to nice sunny days. Tis getting a tad chilly. The evenings are drawing in as well, which seems to subdue everyone. Chins up folks -cool things will be happening at Luna in the next couple of months.

This afternoon our pre-schoolies needed some chill time of their own - had  a busy morning squeezing first letter sounds into heads, and lunch was a bit of a stand up/sit down saga!

Colouring things can be a waste of time; I usually much prefer to make colouring activities listening or reading based. It strikes me as odd though to instruct children what colour certain things should be. For instance, Japanese people rarely see green apples (and if they do, they are 'blue' anyway)...they 'should' be red. The little green men to help you know when it is safe to cross the road? They are 'blue' too, as well as the traffic lights. Children have vivid imaginations, it goes without saying. Nice to give them the scope to express that. As they worked, they chatted (unfortunately in L1) & commented on each others' work - 'stay inside the lines' or 'don't use all the colours on the gorilla' kind of stuff, as well as family updates & the usual bragging.

We dragged the activity back to a teacher-led thing once everyone was happy they'd coloured every last little bit, and then some. Helter-skelter & psychedelic, monotone and trim, no matter. Task was to fold carefully, corners to the middle. First attempts produced chaos & blubs of 'I can't do it'. Try again and pay attention! Watch me this time too! Folding neatly is a bit of an art, and one we'll need to work on I think. We aren't origama masters just yet - but our snapdragons turned out nicely, and just in time to amaze mummies. Have a nice weekend y'all!