Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Of Heffalumps and Hunny!

Eeyore as depicted by DisneyImage via Wikipedia

Hina (Piglet) wants to win
We had an attack of the "Mummy Mummy" this morning - I think was a sympathy thing, as Sota is still a bit delicate early in the morning. We talked about our daily schedules, after we made a big jigsaw showing a typical busy day...getting up at 8 o'clock, going to school at 9 o'clock etc.

Keeping things quiet we tried a new game - Winnie the Pooh's adventure through the forest, with Piglet, Eeyore & Tiggr. This was all about turn taking, counting from the right place, and managing disappointment! The girls can already count to twenty, so now stretching for sixty! (Eeyore won, by the way)

After lunch we had a big phonics race; cards absolutely everywhere in our lovely big room. In spite of the big choice, the team did really well matching first sounds. We read two very nice books ("Look at me" & "I can") and then made cards deciding what we can and can't do ourselves - dance, cook, ride a bike...

...but the excitement finished off Sota, as you can see :) The girls enjoyed a quiet version of Carla and the King (available as a podcast read by Jim) before a special request for Peppa Pig and home time.