Friday, 12 February 2010

Azumino tourism 104

I was briefed to teach a group of 16 or so people in the local tourism industry on Wednesday evening. They had decided they were 'intermediate' level. I had decided this might be an ambitious estimate (if the other options were 'zero/beginner' or 'advanced'), especially in my experience earlier in the day.

I was expecting a group who were involved in running museums, galleries, outdoor activity businesses etc, so figured I'd base this lesson on my experiences working, travelling, and taking tours to New Zealand. The ideal material was listening to a fast talking foreigner (Scottish) talking to a Kiwi (tourist info officer). After that, the scene was set to have similar exchanges modelled on the original, then to less structured work based on their own backgrounds & demands as potential tourists.

Having four guys from the same business was a blessing; my original role play idea became a lot more realistic as I challenged them to do some sales/respond to enquiries, and the rest of the group to get some key info as well as a discount if at all possible.

Now, some of the people who came along were not 'intermediate' level by any stretch of the imagination, but even they realised that if a local retiree can batter them down for a discount or answer simple questions (from people who know their product/service) then they'd better pull their socks up. I was delighted with the effort everyone made this evening, becoming 'genki listeners' and responding to what potential guests would like to do.
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