Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm
Sebastian Junger

This nobel is based on a true story of a swordfishing boat sank in the storm "Hurricane Grace". Hurricane Grace was so strong and terrible. Unfortunately another storm moved toward Hurricane Grace, and they hit on the sea.

They became more terrible than anyone can imagine. That was a perfect storm. A swordfishing boat named Andrea Gail was hit by this perfect storm and sank.
This nobel describes people around Andrea Gail, crews and their family, friends, etc.

I thought this is an adventure story at first, but it was wrong.

This is a story of phantom on the sea! I was scared because I go fishing on the lake so many times!
Are there some phantom in the lake, too???

Points for understanding

2-1 Swordfisherman put "lightsticks" on the "gangions" which are attached to their mainline. What are lightsticks and why are they used?
Lightsticks are clear plastic tubes which give out light. As swordfishing eat at night, fisherman use lightstick. Swordfishes come near to it with curiosity and eat fish bait beside it.

2-2 On September 20th, when the story bigins, Billy Tyne has had a lot of problems. Who is Billy Tyne and what problems has he had?

Billy Tyne is a captain of the Andrea Gail. He has had a trouble of vacancy in crew. He asked some people to go with him, but some refused.

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