Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bridget Jones's Diary

Dear all,
I love this book "Bridget Jones's Diary"and the films.
This story progressed like a diary who wrote over one year of Bridget Jones's life.
She is a very likeable character and women can easily identify with her problems.For example ,many single women in their thirties have friends like Bridget's,who tell them that they must get married and have childrenbefore they get too old.Bridget was played brilliantly in both Bridget Jones films by Renee Zwllweger,who is not British,but Texan!
The main male characters were played by Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
This book's story and films were different story.
Her boss Daniel Cleaver was a wanton man,but childhood friend Mark Darcy is a sincere man.
I think she loves Mark Darcy and an excellent year's progress!
I recommend this book and films.
Please check it.
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