Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The statues in Nagoya

I was born in Tokyo, then I moved to Nagoya at five years old. Now, my hometown is Nagoya. Nagoya is a very comfortable place to live. I love Nagoya.

There are many statues in Nagoya. For example, Kiyomasa Kato's statue. He was a Japanese daimyƍ of the Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo era. He was born in 1562. He was born in Nagoya.

Then, there are Shachihokos. They are orca dolls. They are on the roof of Nagoya castle.They are gold. We call them "Kin-Shachi" in Japanese. They are a symbol of Nagoya.
Then there is the Nana-chan doll. Nana-chan was a girl, born in 1973. She was from Switzerland. She is a mascot of the Meitetsu department store. She is very tall - 610 centimeters. She stands in front of Meitetsu department store. She often wears clothes. She is a smart dresser. 

by Seiji
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