Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chirpy chappy - YLE Starter star

Takuro is in my favourite 'noisy boys' class on Wednesdays...and Takuro is the noisy one. I like that though. He's got a tongue in his head and a spark of mischief, a good sense of humour and he's brave (well, he's always challenging me!). My job is to try and focus that energy, chip off the rough edges and point him in the right direction

I am delighted he managed to stay quiet for 20 minutes at the end of October when he took YLE Starters. He obviously charmed his way through the speaking test - maximum points there.

Next mission with these lads is making sure they can all spell their long vowel sounds consistently. Already most of the way there, so Movers this autumn boys?! Well done Takuro - proud of you!

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