Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Perfect Storm

I was very impressed by this story because this story is based on reality. This story began from description of people who lived in a small fishing town, Gloucester, Massachusetts. In this town, most of fisherman had gone on the fishing trip to make amount of money. Few men liked to go fishing because the work was very hard and one fishing trip was very long. When they left port once, they had to stay on the ship about a month. The author wrote these people with dark scene description, so it showed us that it would happen unfortunate result.
I often go fishing in the sea by boarding a fishing boat. It is very interesting and exciting hobby for me. However I've worried a little since I read this book. No man expect the change of the weather and sea condition. Even experienced fisherman couldn't except it in this book.
Should I stop to go fishing? Maybe I can't stop it. I think that I would continue this hobby ever. I should learn to swim well first.

Chapter 7
Q1 The author guesses that the storm might have destroyed the Andrea Gail's radio antennas and its radar. He says that if this happened, sailing the boat would have been like sailing in the nineteenth century. Explain what he means.
A1 This means that we have to sail without modern tools and we might loose our way in the sea.
Q2 Why is it strange that no signal was ever received from the Andrea Gail's EPIRB?
A2 Because If the antennas had been lost in the storm, Billy must switch on the EPIRB.


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  1. Hi Hideki,

    Cool posting - it's a good story isn't it?
    What exactly is an EPIRB?! Can you find a picture & tell us?



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