Monday, 8 February 2010

New Caledonia - postcard from Rie

Dear Jim, Tana & Yuki,

How are you? I wish I could see you right now.
I hope your happiness & good health for 2010!!
I miss you and the wonderful time at Luna.
Take care, lots of love,


PS I went to New Caledonia for honeymoon. Although some happenings, we enjoyed the nice time!
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  1. Wow, Rie!

    Beautiful place, isn't it? I had 6 great months sailing & diving all around the islands, then "working" near Noumea. Can you believe I was a 'snorkelling teacher'?

    Where exactly did you visit? Please come & show us your photos some time and tell us all about the 'happenings'!

    Love from all of us,


  2. Wow, Rie!

    It looks absolutely stunning! I'm green with envy!
    Next time take me with you?

    Yes, I'm also rather intrigued with the happenings...
    Come and visit soon. We miss you!!!

    Big kiss,


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