Sunday, 7 February 2010

Billy Elliot

37.You are Michael. Write to Billy after he goes to the Royal Ballet School in London. Do you miss him? What is happening in Everington? Tell him

Dear Billy
How are you, Dancing boy? It is one year passed after you left Everington for London. I think you always practice dancing. I miss you, but I study hard. I want to go to London and to get into University. If I pass the exam, I’ll live in London.
I have some News about Everington. You knew the strike was over in Everington. Your Dad and Tony lost and the government won. Fortunately, the mines didn’t close at that time. But it’s closed now. A lot of miners stopped working. Your Dad stopped working down the mine, too. Tony can’t find another job. They want to see you, if you become the main dancer. So am I.
I’m looking forward to seeing you, some day.

Best wishes
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