Friday, 5 February 2010

Chocolate beer - what would Homer Simpson think?

And why not? There's chilli beer, after all, and all those poncy fruit beers from the Low Countries! Up until now, my favourite was an English grapefruit beer.

Chocolate beer, indeed. Now I can almost stop eating altogether! I have no idea what the calorie count is, but let's assume my doctor would be hanging his head in dismay!

I found this hiding on the shelf in Jusco, and very literally did a double take, thinking "No, can't be right." I took it home, curious, and poured it out into a nice glass. Instant 'chocolatey' smell, but not sweet or overpowering. It tastes...well, like beer with bitter chocolate in it. Rich but bitter, with that nice refreshing beer 'hit'. I don't know if I could drink the stuff all night, but certainly something I'll be trying again before it gets sold out.

Surely a Valentine's gimmick, but not a bad one. In a land of 'giri choco' (girls 'obliged' to give chocs to the boys in Japan, especially to teachers/bosses/colleagues) this is one gift I wouldn't feel too unhappy about opening - and certainly more likely to be enjoyed by me rather than my dentist!
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