Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Little learners - lots of language

 Today was all about the letter "Mm", which unfortunately has very little to do with Thomas the Tank Engine, but there you go! Oh, wait a minute, one of the engines is called 'Mavis'. Safe!

We did lots of 'Mm' words (really funky ones like mushroom, moon, and mountain) and talked about what we can do - run, jump, help mummy, etc. of course we ran around and jumped and stuff! The girls helped Jim read a couple of books and predicted the outcome rather well.

We also spent some time in the afternoon thinking about categorising things - by shape, by size, by colour. A really cool discovery was fitting six small triangles into a larger hexagon. The other cool discovery was making jewellery out of the plastic shapes, and stacking blocks higher and higher!

The odd thing is that Goldilocks & the Three Bears is an unpopular DVD. I think it's because Goldilocks is naughty, or maybe because she gets caught. Either way, the only DVD that gets a 'No, thank you'. And that's OK too - tiny opinions are just as valid as anybody else's, and usually less coached in bias. They just don't like it!
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