Saturday, 6 February 2010


Writing 40: Write a description of the Larkins' home. Write about their house, yard and garden.

Larkins' family live country where is far from local village. The family are Mr. and Mrs. Larkins, six children. Children's name are Zinnia and Petunia, Primrose, Victoria, Montgomery, Mariette. There are a lot of chickens and four noisy white gees, three pigs, two horses and other animals.
There is an old stable for their two horses. The yard was full of old pieces of metal and bits of old cars. There are blue and yellow flowers in a little garden.
The woods is near the house, about a few minutes walking. There are hundreds of wild flower es under the trees. Above them, the birds sing loudly.
They live a wonderful life in the country with a lot of kinds of animals.

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jim said...


Their house/garden sounds great, but totally different to a typical Japanese upbringing. Can you imagine raising your kids there?