Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A boisterous visitor`

We were very happy to have Shingen (now a whopping three years old) come to say hello the other day with his mummy Mizuki. Mizuki used to be Mizuki-chan, who Jim taught all the way through JHS & HS...and very much one of the people we consider 'family' here at the school.

Shingen was really excited and kept singing us bits of songs, collapsing on the floor and clattering all our toys around - not in a bad way - in a boysy way (I am sure our pre-school girls would have been mortified!) It's great to see a healthy, cheerful and fun young man express himself :)

Mizuki also whispered that she will have a little brother or sister for Shingen to look out for early in the new year. Obviously very early news, so we hope she will be very careful and eat all the right things etc. Congratulations Mizuki's family - we are thrilled for you all over again!