Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday - must be Sapporo

Late into the night I was chatting things over with my good friend Peter. I wish I could get to see my friends like this more often - or find a way to get them all in the same place every once in a while. Anyway, I think we sorted many things out in the world, as we watched "The 100 Best Rugby World Cup Tries". Peter's a Kiwi, so we didn't agree on anything at all :) unfortunately, he can't make it to the Bledisloe Cup game next month in Tokyo. Anyone else going to be there instead?

Today I was making sure that we retained some good faith. Due to no reason of their own doing, some OEs missed the chance to examine last year and their approval lapsed. Righting wrongs, after an intensive day with me at Peter's SOEN English School in Sapporo, they are now back and track.

Following up last night's training at Hokkai was a PET training event this evening; another late night with dedicated teachers proving their commitment to their own professional development, and the promotion of quantifiable English language assessment. Everyone left Peter's school tired but unbowed; we SHALL examine in November!

No food left at Jusco as Auld Lang Syne was telling us to leave - Peter & I grabbed a few croquettes (yes, beer too) and spent the next three hours vainly trying to find the All Blacks vs Springboks anywhere on the TV/internet. (In doing so we both saw the score but didn't tell each other until 2.30am when we gave up!)