Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New York

I read a book about New York. This is a list of 10 things
that I want to do
in New York.
1. I want see the Statue of the Liberty. Because it is
the symbol of New York. I went there once with my family,
but I want go there again.
2. I want go to Museum of Modern Art. There are many
useful things there, it will be very interesting to see
new design.
3. I want go to Central Park. I think it is wonderful to
have such a big park in the big city. It was Sunday when I
went there before, many people enjoyed in the park
running, laying, walking, relaxing. It will be nice to
have sandwich laying on the grass.
4. I want see lights on the christmas tree in front of
the Rockefeller Center. I saw it many times on TV. It must
be beautiful.
5. Tiffany. I want to go there and buy some jewelries(if
it is reasonable).
6. I want go to Metropolitan Museum of Art. I went there
before but I did not have enough time to see, so next time
I hope I will have more time to see.
7. Broadway. I would like to see musical. There are many
good shows there.
8. I want to enjoy to see the baseball game of New York
Yankees.It will be fun to go to stadium and see a game
having some drinks and snacks.
9. Wall Street. It is not so much fun to go there, but I
just want see how it is like where so much money comes
and goes.
10. I want to go shopping to Department store like Macy's
to buy clothes and souveniors.



  1. Wow Yasumi! This is great!

    I'd like to go there too one day. It's known to be one of the most exciting cities in the world, which is how it earned the reputation "The city that never sleeps."

    Thank you,

  2. Sounds like you want to do a lot of shopping, Yasumi?! First time I visited NY I could not believe how big Macy's was. Gigantic - bigger than all the shops in Sheffield city centre put together!

    I found the Devil's Kitchen a really cool area, and loved the late night diners & delis.



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