Thursday, 10 September 2009

They think it's all over...

Today marked the last day of  company classes this season; thank you to all my hard-working students for your commitment and involvement, being prepared to try things out and make mistakes (like I do!). All told, my students have put in 14,310 learning hours, give or take, over the last six months. Obviously, I want my students to prove that they are genuinely improving by taking Cambridge ESOL exams this November/December...we'll see.

As you will have seen from the postings below, a good number of students have made a concerted effort with Extensive Reading...each class was asked to buy a book each, and to then swap every month or so. They are encouraged to tackle a worksheet of pre-reading exercises to help them 'access' the story & characters etc; then to follow exercises as they read so that they can keep track of developments in the storyline and predict what will happen next; and finally to produce a piece of written work which you have seen here. I think it is important to produce something tangible after reading, with any point of view valid. Hate the book? Fine - why?! Interested in a new place or want to know more about a topic...great!

Anyway, we're all done for a little while. Some won't be returning as they've 'had their turn' (slightly bonkers idea. I mean, do you do that with on the job training for IT or chefs for example? Hmm). To thos eof you who worked hard but can't continue, my commiserations & best wishes - come back as soon as you can before you forget everything, please! Those managing to continue and have worked hard to deserve the opportunity, excellent stuff! Looking forward to lots more progress & interesting production this time around.