Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sapporo - Super Sunday Co-ordination

Today was finally the chance to 'activate' all our remaining trainees/re-trainees for YLE & KET/PET. I am extremely confident of the competence of my examiners in Sapporo, and I am always delighted to see the enthusiasm/dedication they display. I don't know if it is fair to say or not (but I shall); some of this team are amongst the best examiners I have trained in the country.

Why? Well that's a fair question. I think it comes down to a host of things all adding up to 'natural examiner' - a bit like Tiger Woods is a natural golfer. Tons of hard work on top of talent, determination, training and 'x' factor. That 'x' factor you just can't bottle. All I know is, Hokkaido candidates are going to get an extremely positive experience out of their speaking tests.

Well done my team for, in most cases, giving up the best part of their weekends. Can't thank you enough nor congratulate more highly for a very good way for me to spend my time: OE's up north - valued and trusted.

I have to thank Peter for putting me up, and for hosting the weekend; OEs for their time & hard work; Kate for the lift that got me to the Station & thence the airport with a massive 8 minutes to spare. (Thanks ANA for seating me!)