Friday, 4 September 2009

Smile, Smile, Smile!

Friday afternoons are sweet at Luna, when our younger learners arrive en masse about four o'clock and start tearing around the place!
"My" boys have recently started a new book, suitably called "Smiles" , and as you can see they're loving it. I am also glad to be a able to use a more challenging book with a younger group. We already 'know' loads of vocab and can respond to Q/A easily; the challenge now is picking up on sight word recognition and applying some logical phonics. Yes, some penmanship as well - I really hope this won't slow us down for too long (need mummy input). I know classbooks come alive when children realise the whole thing is packed with ways to 'cheat' in games & homework!

Friday ends with a Smile. Thanks Rob for putting me onto this series so long ago. Thank you boys, for putting big Smiles into my Fridays!