Monday, 21 September 2009

It's Kansai time

Last night I jumped on a 767 down to Kansai Int'l airport, managed to find my hotel in downtown Kobe by 10pm. We obviously drove past/through Osaka...where did it end/Kobe start?

Must admit I have never been to Kobe before, apart from passing through on my bike years ago. The original plan was to train new OEs for YLE in Kyoto or Osaka, as that's more convenient for everyone. Then we couldn't find a place suitable so Malcolm suggested Okayama - too far away. So, here we are in Kobe.

I have to admit I haven't laughed so hard trying to be serious for donkeys. "My hovercraft is full of eels" demands a lot of context which I can't start to explain! My trainees today were very much on the ball; from their various backgrounds which hardly overlap dis/agreeing on the minutae of candidates' performances. Inspiring stuff to witness, and some very naughty monkeys!?

I should thank my trainees this morning for bearing with me while the 'little man' from the keikan sorted out the DVD/sound connections first thing - I really hate going to unfamiliar places to make presentations and having to deal with spaghetti...there are only so many cables & stuff I can cart around with me! What I do know after today is that in this area we will have not only a couple of fine examiners, but some exciting new exam options in 2010 around here - which is very exciting and something all of us the Cambridge ESOL fraternity can be involved with.

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