Monday, 14 September 2009

Tohoku training

About this time last year I drove overnight from Kanazawa to Sendai - quite a long way which my knee still remembers painfully. So, driving only six hours to get there this time was relatively easy, especially as I stopped to pick up a colleague Steve in Aizuwakamatsu ("Aizu"). As I got there early, I treated myself to a quick exploration of T Castle - itself a disappointing concrete replica, but man oh man, what fabulous buttressed walls?! Wow! Very impressive fortifications indeed.

The team assembled in Sendai had come about as far and wide as I, which is humbling, and fills me with ecouragement. I am condident a year from now YLE will be taking place in four new venues in this part of Japan - my guess in three new prefectures. We are already planning a 'full on' training session come the spring.

I need to thank Ben for setting things up, Steve for keeping me awake on the way home (and the pizza pit-stop), and all the well travelled OEs (as they indeed now are) for their Sunday trapped indoors listening to me.

Thank you very much indeed, guys.