Thursday, 10 September 2009

Jojo's story

 What do you learn from Jojo`s story about ghosts, and storytelling?
Jojo`s grandmother told him that when people die, their ghosts come out but slowly go away. Jojo believes in ghosts because maybe his grandmother said that. Jojo didn`t see any ghosts, but he thinks the ghosts of his family are near him. His family got killed by some men who lived on the other side of the river, because the two villages weren`t friends - they were enemies. Only Jojo survived the attack - everyone else got killed and village was silent.
Jojo’s story is like a journey through life. At the beginning, Jojo is only a child and doesn’t know the answers to his questions. At the end, he feels like a man. How does Jojo change through his experiences in the book?
Jojo asked lots of questions to mother at the beginning, but now he can`t because she is dead. Instead, other people ask him questions about his family & the village, which he answers. Before the men came, he went to school, went to the river with his brother and listened to stories about the river. At the end of the story he plays football with other kids and makes new friends. Their parents were also killed, like Jojo`s - they were orphans. Jojo talked to a lady from Medecins Sans Frontieres and they became friends.
Did you like this book? Why?
I liked the book a lot, because the story was exciting. jojo was about the same age as me, and felt like I was him.

Thank you Toshiya - interviewed in class about his reader.

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