Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Double Bass Mystery

1.Write a sentence about each picture.
P.1 The Barston symphony Orchestra members were riding a bas to Barcelona city at airport.
P.9 When Penny and Simon had some coffee Adriana walked over to their table.
P.13 The orchestra members walked along the Rambla Street to the beach.
P.14 Penny played well at the concert.
P.19 The orchestra members were standing around Frank's body in front of the hotel.
P.23 Inspector Portillo asked Penny many questions.
P.26 Simon came when Adriana and Penny were talking about Frank.
P.33 Candida hit Marilyn hard in the face.
P.37 The two men were taking Penny's double base from the truck.
P.43 Penny met Frank at the Police station.
P.47 Penny found her double bass in Bilbao.