Monday, 18 January 2010

Billy Eliot

Writing 30
You are Billy's teacher at school. He is acting strangely and is often unhappy.
He doesn't want to play sport but he keeps spinning in circles. Write a report for the head teacher about Billy. Tell him everything you know about Billy and his family.

Dear head teacher,

I have a problem about my student. His name is Billy Elliot you know.
His father is coal mines and earns not so much. It isn't problem. Billy is not good at maths, history, literature, especially gym. I don't know how to teach him each subjects. I tried any method, again and again, but he didn't change a little.
Last Sunday, I saw him alone at the park outskirts of town. Do you think what did he do? He was dancing, 'ballet dancing'. At first I surprised very very much. I saw a little time, he jumped very high, he spinning in circles smooth. It looked like flying a butterfly in the field. It was a beautiful show.
I felt he has a talent, special talent of dancing. I try training of dance in gym, next week. How is my idea? I want you to approval about it.

Best wishes
Billy's teacher

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