Saturday, 30 January 2010

Zenkoji Temple

The most beautiful building in Nagano city is Zenkoji Temple. This is oldest building in Nagano city. This temple is made of wood.
This temple was built the seventh century. This temple has suffered from fire manytimes. The present building was made in 1707. I don't know who it was designed by.
Zenkoji Temple has three big buildings. "Hondo", "Sanmon" and "Niomon"."Hondo" is national treasure, "Sanmon" and "Niomon" are important cultural properties.
Inside Hondo is quite dark. There is a dark maze. People go into the maze to touch a big key. This key is connected to "Honzon". People touch a big key to receive"Goriyaku"(grace).
Zenkoji Temple has a big event every six years, called "Gokaicho". It happened last year.Many people came to Zenkoji from around Japan. The next "Gokaicho" is in 2015. Why not visit Zenkoji Temple?

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