Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Silver Blaze and Other Stories

This book is mystery.Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson solves the mysterious cases called "The Blue Carbuncle" "Silver Blaze" and "The Six Napoleons".

The Blue Carbuncle
The Blue Carbuncle was discovered inside a goose. Who put the Blue Carbuncle inside the goose?
Holmes sets the criminal free at the last. I can't understand though it might be Holmes' gentleness.

Silver Blaze
The racehorse had disappeared immediately before an important race. Holmes discovers the recehorse, and solves the murder.
I like this story. I think they can discover the racehorse early because it does the DNA test now....

The Six Napoleons
Why is the Napoleon bust destroyed?What criminal is looking for?
I was confused because there were a lot of characters this story. I doubted what Holmes had done the acquisition at the end.

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