Sunday, 24 January 2010

The perfect storm


This is a true story.
The author Sebastian Junger is a writer and traveler.

He was living in Gloucester, a small town on the cost of Massachusetts.
He heard that many fishermen from the town of
Gloucester were on thier boats during that storm.
He decided to write a book about the events that happended in that terrible storm.
The perfect storm was published in the 1997 and it became an international best seller.
In 2000 a successful and exciting film (The perfect storm )was made from this story.

I love this story.
So I red it twice.

He expressed person's inside.
I think that Bobby wished to came back for his girlfriend.
She waited at the pier,where the fishing bots came in for along time.
She couldn't really belive that Bobby was dead.

I would like to watch this film.
by keiko.

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