Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories

**Home work**
Q1.Which is favorite story?

My favorite story is “THE MODEL MILLIONAIRE”.

Q2. Why?

Because the main character is very honest man and this is a story with a happy ending by his honesty.
He is a hard worker but he is poor. Therefore he can not get married his girlfriend.
One day he met a beggar in Alan’s studio. Although he need money and he gave the old beggar all his money. He does not know that the beggar actually is a rich man. Later the beggar gave a check for ten thousand pounds as a wedding present.

Q3. What did you like about the main characters?

Although he is poor, he is very kindly and honest man.

Q4. Who would you cast in it if you made a film?

I would like to cast the beggar “Baron”. Because I am interested his life after he met Hughie.