Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dangerous Game

31. Do you know any stories like this?
Write a ghost story for other people in your class to read.

The college (art college in kyoto)I frequented has a lot of stories of ghost.
Someone said the college was built on a large grave before "Edo" era.
Someone said there were a large shelter under the collage where has remained a lot of people since WW2..
One day I remained in the collage during the night for preparing my presentation.
I went down a stair with my friend.
When we passed corner of the stair, my friend said with small voice "hurry a little".
After we reach on ground floor, he told me there were something on the corner.
"However don't worry about that, I find a lot a night .
Sometime something had a costume of old fighter with sword,
sometime something were with children..Actually I was tired to find them.."
In the fact he had a strong ability to feel something like ghost.
Fortunately I don't have any ability like that
and I hope I wouldn't feel them in the future if something is just next to me.