Saturday, 30 January 2010


Q. Write a list of some of the rules at your school.

There were a lot of strict rules at my junior high school. Some of them are below.

First, boy had to be clean-shaven head. We were checked our head at the morning meeting by teacher. If a teacher found a pupil who went against this rule, a teacher shaved his head.

Next, all pupils had to wear uniform. There were two type of uniforms. One type was, as we say, 'the uniform'. Another one was 'jersey'. We usually used to wear 'jersey'. We wore so-called uniform only when we had a ceremony.

Third, there were some rules when we rode bicycle. We had to wear a helmet and we had to apply a registration plate that indicated class to bicycle.

Finally, we had to belong to any club activity. I belonged to a baseball club.
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