Monday, 4 January 2010

The Eye of the Tiger

I enjoyed this story because there were lots of typical elements for good adventure and suspense story. For example, there was a precious treasure at bottom of the sea, and there were battles and murders for it. And there were also mysterious women who cheated the hero and loved each other.

The scenic description of beautiful sea and shelf of coral made me feel like being by the ocean. I can't wait warm spring!

Chapter 3

3-1 When could a ship go through Gunfire Break?

A. When the tide was high.

3-2 How long could a ship stay in the pool behind Gunfire Break?

A. A ship could only stay there for an hour.

3-3 Was there another way out of the deep pool?

A. Yes, there was another way out through the back of the reef.

3-4 Why did Harry refuse to go through Gunfire Break?

A. Because the tide wasn't right at that time.

3-5 What did Harry see written on the side of the sledge?

A. He saw the name and address of the company who had built the sledge.

3-6 Jimmy North found something heavy. Why could Harry not see what the object was?

A. Because Jimmy had wrapped it in strong cloth.

3-7 What happened when Harry Fletcher went towards the object to have a look at it?

Guthrie tried to shoot Harry with his gun.


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jim said...


With the cold snap we're enjoying now, a nice warm ocean swim sounds idyllic! Do you scuba dive yourself? If not, would you like to?

Happy New year!