Monday, 18 January 2010

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

I have known the name King Arthur and the sword Excalibur. I might read the book or watched TV program about King Arthur when I was a child but I've already forgotten most of this story.
There are lots of characters who helps Arthur and makes great achievements on their quests. I enjoyed reading their episodes. However each personality of these characters are almost alike. Almost all characters are faithful and there aren't any difference among their personality. Only a few characters like Merlin the magician and Mordred who cheated on Arthur showed us different personalities. Except these a few particular characters, all of the knights seemed to be described as well as King Arthur's own character. This helped me to understand the whole story and concentrated to read.
Meanwhile I found that Arthur is the greatest as a King, but he is not good as a husband. He left his wife Guinevere and became caught up in listening stories from his Knight. This caused the parting from his wife and he also lost his champion knight Lancelot. It is difficult to keep balance between work and conjugal life old times and now.

Chapter 11
1. Why did Mordred not go on the quest?
Because he offered to care Bedivere who was wounded and to serve the king at court.
2. Why could Lancelot not enter the Grail Chapel?
Because he was not worthy or pure enough.