Wednesday, 21 July 2010

About me - Mr. T

Hi Jim,

My name is T****. I am Japanese and I ten years old. I live with my two big brothers and my parents, and I go to a school called *******.

I am 133cm tall, and I am thin. My hair is short and black, and my eyes are brown.I do not wear glasses.

I am cheerful and lively, talkative and extrovert. My mum says I am very cute and always smiling (I am not smiling today because I went to the dentist!)

In my free time, I love watching English cartoons on DVD, and I like playing with mum. I go to English lessons on Wednesday afternoons at Luna International. I sometimes read English books, but I didn't read last week because I was busy doing kendo.

This is about me, and please write back.

Best wishes,


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