Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Girl with Red Hair

Good evening Mr.T. You have just read a book called "The Girl with Red Hair".

Can you tell me about the main characters in the story?
The main characters are Mark and Kate . Mark works at Mason's store with Leon and Shami in security. He likes working in security and he is twenty-two years old. Kate has red hair and green eyes. Mark thinks she is very cute because he saw her on the security TV. Her sister Clair's little boy is called Greg, and she looks after him every Wednesday.

Does Mark meet Kate? How?
Yes, he meets Kate by dropping Greg's hat and he says to Kate "Is this your hat?" Greg had a red airplane and was near the door. Mark went to the door and stopped him, because he didn't want Kate to steal it. Then, in the Ocean Club (a nightclub with good music and nice girls) Mark saw Kate when he got a drink, and he met Kate and her sister. He was happy.

What kind of story is this, then?
This story is really funny and I liked it when Mark is talking with Kate at the Ocean Club and the store. It's a romantic story.

What kind of story would you like to read next?
I'd like to read a story which is a little bit harder, but very funny.

OK! Let's see what I can find on the shelf. Thank you Mr. T! Look forward to reading about your next book :)
Bye bye!

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