Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Billy and the Queen

Q: Write a short summary of the story.

Billy want to a new bicycle but he hasn't got any money. One day, He and his sister Rox are go to their grandmother's house. She finds news about queen's competition because she likes Queen very much. Billy and Rox join the competition. They go to the horse races the first time but they don't take a Queen's picture. Next they go to new hospital because they want to see Queens car arrive They wait for a minute and then the car arrives but they don't see the Queen because there are many people. Next they go to museum and Rox has a good idea! Rox takes a picture of Billy and the wax model of the Queen. But the museum's guard sees them and he is angry with them. They run away fast. Finally, they win a prize and they buy two new bicycles.