Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hate it when you leave

This little learner of ours impressed the hell out of me when he joined our school - aged four. He has impressed me and all his teachers over the eight and a half years he has been with us. He impressed me most when he complained his buddies (who joined Luna together) were "not studying hard enough" and that he "wanted to study on his own" - how often do you hear that from an under ten?!

Yuki is a charming young chap: he ALWAYS says 'hello' and ALWAYS addresses the person he is talking to. He ALWAYS makes conversation and does his homework, he ALWAYS tries 100% in class and ALWAYS leaves Luna with the teacher feeling that something 'went in'.

When Yuki first started with Luna I was his teacher. I was very concerned that he would stab himself in the eye whenever we used pencils for writing letters or colouring - he was SO short-sighted his face was closer to the paper than the end of the actual pencil. I am not kidding, he had to get  his face SO close to the page, and favour his better eye.

Corrective surgery has helped Yuki a lot; he has always been a confident reader, for his age. He will be one of the kids my staff & I will miss very much - he has to get better at his other subjects to pass stupid entrance exams (his English is well-above the curve). He has munched his way through OUP's Story Tree like a very hungry caterpillar; he has stolen the hearts of all his teachers.

So this evening we say goodbye. I know Yuki will come back in about 10 years to say 'hello' again, like all of our 'favourite' students do; he will be able to talk in English and Yuki & I will feel older still...This little laddy will be a leader, of that I am very sure. Good luck Yuki - look forward to reading about you :)