Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Plein Soleil - film review

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I saw a great film "Plein Soleil"
It's a Italy and Flance Film, and Picaesque Saspence.
Alain Delon is the main star, lovely music is Nino Louta
Very rich man's Son was staying Rome and he didn't come back US. His father's disied to take back his Son. Father employed Tom. Tom was a very poor student. Tom went to Rome and he stayed with rich son. SPOILER ALERT Duaring to stay with rich son. Tom had jealoused. Tom killed rich son, Tom starts living as rich boy. Tom acts rich boys life. When Tom enjoyibg rich life, telephon rang

Posted for Takeshi (correspondent was Ayaka), writing project from English Result Intermediate (OUP)
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