Monday, 5 July 2010

Think smart - drink water

Jim-sensei was not at all sure how to start this class today!

He asked for some advice on Twitter, but maybe everyone was busy teaching too?! This is an annual problem though, as children are not hydrated properly in schools. In Australia, every child has a water bottle on them all the time, and are reminded to keep taking in it seems almost an admission of weakness if you have a sip of H2O.

This affects a child's ability to concentrate/think, as well as actually being able to survive a very hot day without 'conking out'. We encourage our children in school to have a drink if they want - at first this is a culture shock itself!

Question remains - what would you do if your students were flat out asleep when you were due to start? 

(His classmates & I played a quiet game until he woke up & sleepily joined us.)
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